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Contact your local chabad to see if there is a BMC in your area. If not, ask for one! View local chabads.


At Bat Mitzvah Clubs International, we’re not your typical after-school Hebrew class. We’re able to give your daughter a more lasting experience that she’ll find extremely fulfilling.

Not only do we teach the beauty of doing mitzvahs, but we emphasize the special women’s mitzvahs and reach your daughter on a personal and profound level.

Consider this: our program has a more relevant impact than any lavish party could give them.

Their year at the BMC will contain all of the core, essential ideas and information about their Jewish souls. They’ll leave our program with pride in becoming a powerful Jewish woman, an understanding of their future potential and with messages of empowerment that they’ll keep with them beyond their Bat Mitzvah celebration.

“Other Bat Mitzvah prep classes fail to provide the true meaning behind the Bat Mitzvah. Not the BMC. It grasps the impact of the milestone and offers it up in a fun and exciting way.”a BMC parent


This is a special time in your daughter’s life, and the BMC is here to help her make the most of it.

The goal of BMC is to give your daughter the tools to cope with anything life can throw at her, all while becoming a strong Jewish Woman.

We know it’s a lofty goal, but with her friends and leader by her side — and you in her corner — we can make a huge impact on her life.

Our programming appeals to every need and whim of a young teenager — hands-on crafts, real-life role playing, and of course, the big three: friends, food and fun. Not only will she get to learn about being a Jewish woman, but she’ll have the opportunity to socialize and friend like-minded girls her own age.

We hope these friendships last a lifetime and as the girls grow into women, they seek each other out for a knowing ear and open heart.

At each meeting, your daughter will know that her voice, thoughts and opinions really count! After all, we’re here to guide, not dictate.


Although “It takes a village to raise a child,” is an ancient proverb, it is never more accurate than when you’re guiding a daughter through the teenage years.

You may be done with changing diapers and chasing around a troublesome toddler, but you’re now in the middle of a highly delicate time in her life: puberty, boys, and peer pressure — you name it and it’s bound to come up.

Consider the BMC part of your village.

  • We help answer those tricky teenage questions and discuss issues than can be difficult to talk about with mom or dad.
  • We don’t just stick to the big Bat Mitzvah.
  • Discussion topics range from the media’s perception of women, to personal hygiene, to boys.


In any walk of life, you can find leaders whose preachings don’t match their lifestyle. They teach doing good deeds, yet hurriedly rush past someone in need of assistance.

Not at Bat Mitzvah Clubs International!

You can rest assured that the leaders who will be mentoring your daughter are passionate about Judiasm. They exemplify living with purpose and a defining identity.

Forget Katy Perry or Selena Gomez, our leaders are role models, for real.

We know they deserve better than that.

Our leaders provide:

  • Fun and deep discussions by which your daughters will discover for themselves the wisdom that will see them through this time and beyond.
  • Answers to many teen-questions.
  • A non-judgemental ear