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It’s no secret that the BMC likes to dig a little deeper than other Bat Mitzvah prep programs, and the lessons and objectives surrounding the party planning are no different.

Their big day is getting closer. We know they are pumped. Their parents are excited. But before we let them dive into full-on party prep, it’s important that we allow them to take a step back and really think about the meaning behind the celebration.

In The BMC Essentials Ch. 2: Becoming a Bat Mitzvah, we guide our leaders through an activity called “The Party Starts Here!” To participate, use our one-of-a-kind Leah’s Journal & Prep, Party Ponder Brochure combo, which just so happens to be illustrated by famed children’s book author Marissa Moss. (She’s kind of a big deal!)

Give your girls some time to look through the brochure and Leah’s Journal, and allow them to get inspired by Moss’ doodles and notes.


Once they’ve had some time to daydream, remind them that their day is meant to be shared!

Family, friends, community members – anyone who has made an impact in her life – deserves a special thought. Because it’s her birthday, she has the special power to bless people.

Ask: Whom would you bless and why? Someone close to you? A stranger?


We know that in some families, the Bat Mitzvah invitations can be a big deal. But as an exercise (or as an insert into the formal invitation) have your members create five customized invitations for people whom with they would like to share in their big day.

Gather your craft supplies (card stock, markers, colored pencils, glue, glitter, ribbon, scissors, etc) and have your members design, decorate and write a blessing to each of the people she’s invited.

Send her home with the invites and envelopes.

By creating invitations customized with individual blessings, you can accomplish one of your main objectives: you can show the girls that even a day that is “all about them” can be about other people too.


Please keep in mind, we’d LOVE to see your girls deep in discussion or designing their invitations.

If you’re already connected, please post the pictures on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram: @batmitzvahclubs. We’ll even take pictures via email and post them on our sites, crediting you, of course.

That’s it for now! If you have any questions, please contact us.


If you haven’t signed up to be a part of our club, please do register and we’ll get back in touch with the additional information you’ll need.


  • Leah’s Journal is all front the point of view of Leah, the journal’s owner, who pasted in the Prep, Party & Ponder Brochure and likes to doodle and dream about her Bat Mitzvah. Girls will be encouraged to think about the day of their Bat Mitzvah and all the planning that goes into making it a special day.

  • Prep, Party and Ponder encourages your members to think about the day of their Bat Mitzvah and all of the planning that goes into making it a special celebration.

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  • If you want to expand on the lesson, take a look at The BMC Essentials. It’s our ultimate group of lessons completely customized for the tween audience.

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  • Keep their clothes clean during their craft time with The Champions Apron. It’s beautiful, multi-lingual and will cross over to baking exercises too!

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