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Since you’ve started leading a BMC, your meetings have probably been packed full with non-stop questions, activity, laughter, and more questions. Did we mention questions? Seriously, though, all of that learning has left your members little time for the silent mediative thought and deep awareness that a proper journaling session can bring to any educational experience. After all, if your meetings are non-stop, imagine what your members’ lives are like between home, school and extracurricular activities.

So block off one meeting and give them a chunk of time to scribble, write and wonder. Bring forth the coffee shop vibe and let them do the rest of the work.



For most of us, writing well can be directly correlated to the atmosphere. Is it too loud? Too quite? Too cold? Too hot? Make sure you set the room at a comfortable temperature and get some mellow tunes playing in the background.

Depending on what time of year you opt to hold your journaling session, you can provide hot chocolate (for winter events) or some crisp lemonade (for the warmer months). And finger foods are a must! We love the idea of nuts, berries, pretzels or raisins – anything they can pop in their mouths while they let their minds dance to the next line of prose.

If you have a club with just a few members, you can provide them with pillows, blankets and/or comfy seating. If your club is larger in size, feel free to add a line to your invitation about bringing their own from home.


Their BMC Journals (part of the Standard Member’s Kit and Deluxe Member’s Kit) are filled with awesome and thought-provoking quotes in five different languages. Ask them to select one that speaks to them and write about why. What is it about that quotation that inspires them?

You can also touch on past lessons from The BMC Essentials. They’ve been learning a TON of new information and that has to have impacted them. For example, if you’ve just finished Instinct or I Think, ask them about a time in their lives that they let their brain guide them. And then their heart. What were the results?

Or, if you love the journaling idea and want to implement it ASAP, touch on the upcoming Peach and how it’s a holiday that recognizes the fight for freedom from their daily struggles. Teach them how they are enslaved to their inhibitions, fears, or prejudices. Ask: How can you turn those into something more productive and meaning-centered? Also, note that while they are celebrating the Pesach, this isn’t just about seasonal freedom, but something they can exercise all year long.

For more information on this concept, check out our old e-newsletter for talking points.


After they have spent some time with their journals, have them re-read their writings and condense it down to one word that either 1. encompasses their writings 2. inspires them or 3. motivates them.

Using a small wooden plank (we bought these), have them write their word out using paint pens or basic craft paints. Depending on the time allotted, they can decorate their boards with doodles.


Please keep in mind, we’d LOVE to see your girls curled up next to their journals, scribbling away.

If you’re already connected, please post the pictures on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram: @batmitzvahclubs. We’ll even take pictures via email and post them on our sites, crediting you, of course.

That’s it for now! If you have any questions, please contact us.


If you haven’t signed up to be a part of our club, please do register and we’ll get back in touch with the additional information you’ll need.


  •  If you love the idea of a writing session, take it one step further with our Gifts for Good Writing Contest. Get your girls brainstorming about how they can bring light not this world!

  • Our All-Purpose Mini-Tote is the perfect size for her to carry her BMC Journal and pen to and from meetings. 

  • Looking for writing prompts, take a look at The BMC Essentials. It’s our ultimate group of lessons completely customized for the ‘tween audience.

  • Keep their clothes clean during their craft time with The Champions Apron. It’s beautiful, multi-lingual and will cross over to baking exercises too! 

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