Craft Breaks Ice & Steers Discussion

One of the best ways to shine a light on someone’s soul is to get a glimpse of its dreams and aspirations.

By using “The Woman You Want to Become” lesson from The BMC Essentials, we’ve set up an engaging craft project for your new members that will help them shake off the shyness and give you plenty of discussion prompts.

Although it’s the last lesson in the Essentials workbook, “The Woman You Want to Become” could be an interesting way to open up the new club year. After all, we hope you’ll give them a lot to think about in the course of your meetings this year. Even a small idea could impact their G-dly souls and affect their future goals.


Gather paper, pencils, markers, paint, brushes, glue, tape, magazine, newspapers and ribbon. The great thing about this craft is that it’s really is a trash-to-treasure exercise. Whether it’s empty milk cartons, cans, cardboard, leaves, grass, old CDs, feathers, shoelaces, or Legos, any material can (and should) be used. 

In fact, if you’ve already had a meeting or two, ask the girls to bring items to share to make the stockpile more diverse. Or if your Shul recycles, grab tidbits from there too!  


We’ll be touching on women role models later in the year, so for this craft, concentrate on getting to know your members and what they want out of their future. Ask: What are your goals? What do you dream about doing? Anything that inspires you?

Give them a few minutes to think, and if you have a longer meeting scheduled, you can even suggest that they jot some ideas down in their journals. 


Now comes the fun part! Have them strap on their aprons and let them create the woman that they want to be. No restrictions, please. Let their imagination be their guide. Some might choose to use words. Some might draw pictures. Some might fashion some sort of sculpture. Hopefully, the projects will be as individual as the girls in your club.


Again, depending on the length of your meeting, give each give a few minutes to share their piece. Ask questions like: If you could choose three things to be blessed with when you’re a woman, what would they be? Do you ever imagine if you’ll be a mother and what you’ll be like? What do you want to be/do when you grow up?


We’d LOVE to see what your girls create. 

If you’re already connected, please post their projects on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram: @batmitzvahclubs. We’ll even take pictures via email and post them on our sites, crediting you, of course. 

That’s it for now! If you have any questions, please contact us


If you haven’t signed up to be a part of our club, please do register and we’ll get back in touch with the additional information you’ll need. 


  • Be Good Poster
  • After they create the Woman They Want to Be, our Be You Poster is the perfect little gift to let them know that the path to achieving their goals is simple: Believe in Yourself.

  • Gifts that Uplift
  • Use our Gifts that Uplift booklet to spark ideas on how to brighten other people’s lives and make your members more well-rounded women.

  • The BMC Essentials
  • If you want to expand on the lesson, take a look at The BMC Essentials. It’s our ultimate group of lessons completely customized for the tween audience.

  • The Champions Apron
  • Keep their clothes clean with The Champions Apron. It’s beautiful and multi-lingual and will cross over to baking exercises too!

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