Lessons in Freedom

It’s your job to teach them that Pesach isn’t simply a stale commemoration of the past. It’s a holiday that recognizes the fight for freedom from their daily struggles.

Provide Journal Time

Block off one meeting and give them a chunk of time to scribble, write and wonder. Bring forth the coffee shop vibe and let them do the rest of the work.

Start Planning & Create Invites

It’s no secret that the BMC likes to dig a little deeper than other Bat Mitzvah prep programs, and the lessons and objectives surrounding the party planning are no different. Their big day is getting closer. We know they are pumped. Their parents are excited. But before we let them dive into full-on party prep, it’s important that we allow …

Mock Gameshow Can Elevate Lesson 

I THINK craft

“I’ll take Instinct or I Think for $100!” It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? We think so. For leaders who plan — or who already have begun — to teach  “Get to Know the Souls,” consider setting up a Jeopardy-style gameshow as an alternative to the ‘Instinct or I Think’ activity laid out in The BMC Essentials. The lesson teaches the girls to recognize the difference between …

Craft Breaks Ice & Steers Discussion

One of the best ways to shine a light on someone’s soul is to get a glimpse of its dreams and aspirations. By using “The Woman You Want to Become” lesson from The BMC Essentials, we’ve set up an engaging craft project for your new members that will help them shake off the shyness and give you plenty of discussion prompts. Although it’s the last lesson …

Fun Game Can Set the Tone for Year

Your first BMC meeting is starting soon, and although you’re excited, you’re likely feeling some apprehension – maybe even a little anxiety – about having to entertain and educate pre-teen girls. After all, it’s crucial that they leave the meeting wanting to come back, right? Well, literally take a page from our book – The BMC Essentials, page 12, to …

Healthy Body. Healthy Soul.

If your lessons have been following in-step with The BMC Essentials, you’ve spent the past several meetings discussing the differences between the Natural Soul and the G-dly Soul as they relate to becoming a Bat Mitzvah. But now it’s time to dive into a topic that — to preteens, at least — can seem a lot more personal.

Sweeten Their Soul With Our Favorite Candy-Filled Sugar Cookie Recipe

The distinction between the Natural Soul and the G-dly Soul are an essential part of the BMC curriculum and topics that will carry on in future lessons. Add a little levity to what could be a serious discussion by baking some yummies to send home (and snack on).