You heard us right: There’s more to Bat Mitzvah than just a party. Tons of stuff, in fact.

After teaching 11- and 12-year old girls for a number of years, the BMC founder started the club to show her students what they were missing out of the typical Bat Mitzvah experience. Her students learned about the Jewish soul, spiritual and physical development, conflict between right and wrong — the spiritual and the animalistic– and helped them search for meaningfulness.

“I want to share with them that which is theirs,” she said. “They are much more than what they know. In addition to bodies, they have souls — G-dly souls — and I want to fill them with a strong Jewish pride.”

Her students at the time loved the club, and so the BMC was born. After a successful year with happy girls, the Jewish Children’s Museum joined the project, and she began designing the program to reach a wider market. What started out as a tiny club in her classroom now reaches more than 400 organizations across the globe.

Who’s ready to get in on the fun?